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-United 93 (R)

Universal Pictures, 2006   Directed by: Paul Greengrass The picture begins immediately without the usual trailers.  The first scene starts with the terrorists praying in a motel room. There is a window in the background and you can see the Twin Towers touching the New York skyline once more.  Right away it hits you that this […]

-RV (PG)

Columbia Pictures, Starring: Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels This was a good & funny movie.  The antics & expressions of Robin Williams were worth the price of admission.  Robin played the part of the middle-aged over-worked Bob Munro whose job was was being challenged by the ‘new’ guy fresh out of college.  At the same time […]

-Crash (R)

‘Best Picture’ Oscar Winner–DVD Star-filled cast, good acting, with some redeeming moments.  This was not a movie that I could ever enjoy.  One racial epitath & diatribe after another, overt racism and bigotry displayed on many levels. The scene was suppose to be Los Angeles, California, a multi-cultural—multi-racial international city. I’ve lived around LA most […]

-End of The Spear (PG 13)

This is still the best film that I have seen all year (besides Narnia).  I am glad that I saw it before I was exposed to all the controversy about one of the actors. Turns out that the producers did not know before hand, that their main actor was homosexual.  Here is what I wrote […]

-Narnia (PG)

Now out in DVD See: Major review and associated articles My favorite film of the year.  Especially since I read the Book it is based upon.  I look forward to more of this series coming to the screen in the future–I’ve read all the books, in fact I believe I have read all of C.S. […]

-Curious George (G)

Took my 7 year old grandson to the movies over the weekend.  His choice was to see-“Curious George”–an animated film based upon a series of children’s books.  Great fun for the kids in attendance, my popcorn was good & the Diet Coke was cold. The story line was predictable for adults, background sights & music […]