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*DVD Now Available by Kelly’s Filmworks; Directed by: Jefferson Moore; Cast: Clancy (Christina Fougnie), Nick (Jefferson Moore).  Review by Dana Chaffin: Now available on DVD is the heartwarming Christian movie Clancy.  This film is a touching story of a girl overcoming horrible situations in her young life with unmovable faith.  Very entertaining and keeps you […]

-The Widow’s Might

DVD Release: Oct.1, 2009 by HeuMoore Productions; David Heustis and John Moore; Runtime: 101 min. Review by Dana Chaffin         On October 1, 2009 The Widow’s Might will be released on DVD.  It has something for the whole family – comedy, adventure, drama, action, western, and musical all in one film.  It has very strong […]

-A Letter To Dad

*Now on DVD: From Skipstone Pictures, Nov. 4  2008, Produced and Directed by Johnny Remo, Editor/Co-Producer-Lance Bachelder, Score/Composer-Matt Gates, Writers: Johnny Remo & Dan A. Donavan, Runtime: 86 min., MPAA Rating: Unrated.  Cast: John Ashton – Mike (Dad), Thom Mathews – Dan, Corin Nemec – Dan (teen years), Paul Gleason – Tony, Janice Lynde – […]

-Night at the Museum (PG)

20th Century Fox, Dec. 2006, Directed by Shawn Levy, 108 min.  Cast: Ben Stiller (Larry Daley), Dick Van Dyke (Cecil), Carla Gugino (Rebecca), Robin Williams (Theodore Roosevelt), Owen Wilson (Jedediah), Steve Coogan (Octavius), Jake Cherry (Nick), Mickey Rooney (Gus), Bill Cobbs (Reginald), Ricky Gervaise (Dr. McPhee) Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is a self-made down-on-his-luck entrepreneur, […]

-Charlotte’s Web (G)

Paramount Pictures, Dec. 2006, Directed by Gary Winick, 96 minutes, Cast: Dominic Scott Kay (Wilbur), Julia Roberts (Charlotte), Dakota Fanning (Fern), Steve Buscemi (Templeton), John Cleese (Samuel), Oprah Winfrey (Gussy), Cedric the Entertainer (Golly), Robert Redford (Ike), Kevin Anderson (Mr. Arable), Essie Davis (Mrs. Arable), Gary Basaraba (Homer Zuckerman). A delightful story based upon the […]

-The Nativity Story (PG)

New Line Cinema, 12/1/06, Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke, 101 Min., Cast: Keisha Castle-Hughes (Mary), Oscar Isaac (Joseph), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Elizabeth), Stanley Townsend (Zechariah), Ciaran Hinds (Herod The Great). Come see this movie, it is time well spent, even during the busy Christmas season.  After all it is the story of the season and actually well […]

-RV (PG)

Columbia Pictures, Starring: Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels This was a good & funny movie.  The antics & expressions of Robin Williams were worth the price of admission.  Robin played the part of the middle-aged over-worked Bob Munro whose job was was being challenged by the ‘new’ guy fresh out of college.  At the same time […]

-Narnia (PG)

Now out in DVD See: Major review and associated articles My favorite film of the year.  Especially since I read the Book it is based upon.  I look forward to more of this series coming to the screen in the future–I’ve read all the books, in fact I believe I have read all of C.S. […]

-Curious George (G)

Took my 7 year old grandson to the movies over the weekend.  His choice was to see-“Curious George”–an animated film based upon a series of children’s books.  Great fun for the kids in attendance, my popcorn was good & the Diet Coke was cold. The story line was predictable for adults, background sights & music […]