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-Lord Save Us From Your Followers

Coming on DVD: April 20,2010 Review by Dana Chaffin      Lord Save Us From Your Followers will be released on DVD April 20, 2010.  This is a humorous and insightful documentary about how America views Christians.  It answers the question, “Why is the gospel of love dividing America?”   The film does not add to the […]


DVD Release: Oct. 20, 2009 by Voice of the Martyrs; Producer: Stephen Husmann, Director: Nolan Dean; Run Time: 76 minutes. Malatya: A True Story of Modern Day Martyrs Review by Dana Chaffin: October 20, 2009 is the second DVD release date for the stunning documentary Malatya.  The film, which had an early release through Voice […]

-Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Rocky Mountain Pictures, April 18, 2008, Directed by: Nathan Frankowski, Runtime: 100 minutes, Cast: Ben Stein, David Berlinski, Richard Dawkins, William A. Dembski, Alister McGrath, Stephen C. Meyers, PZ Myers, John Polkinghorne, Will Provine, Michael Ruse, Eugenie Scott ‘Expelled’ was a fascinating presentation of how Darwinism dominates academia to such a degree that no alternative […]

“The Lost Tomb of Christ”

-Discovery Channel March4, 2007 -Produced by Oscar winning film maker: James Cameron -Directed by: Simcha Jacobovici -Narrator:Ron White -Documentary (or maybe more of a Docu-Drama) This was a very slick and well produced piece of film making. Good camera work and editing with built in suspense at the commercial breaks, and 2 hours of well […]

-Jesus Camp

The controversy over the “Jesus Camp” documentary continues to rage in the MSM.  It was recently announced that the ‘limited engagement’ for the film, has been expanded to include venues in nearly every city across the U.S.  Soon it will be coming to a theater near you! The following is the best review of the […]

‘Gospel of Judas’ Documentary

‘Gospel of Judas’ Documentary:  Did The Four Gospels Lead To The Holocaust? During the National Geographic documentary on the ‘Gospel of Judas’, shown Sunday night (National Geographic Channel), several of the scholars, including Bart Ehrman & Elaine Pagels, made the claim that the four NT Gospels may have led to the holocaust.  With scenes from […]