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-TV ‘Comedy’ Excuses Bestiality?

by Dr. D ~

Broad City

          (Broad City @Facebook)

We have been talking on this website for 10 years now about how the American culture and morality in general is in a sharp decline. Nothing demonstrates this like what is currently passing for entertainment and especially as comedy on television these days.

In a recent episode of Broad City, bestiality was comically passed on as no big deal. Here’s the story from Charisma News:

This leads us to Broad City going down a new avenue, bestiality. (What is up with the bestiality theme on TV this week?) In the episode, Ilana gets promoted to social media manager for her company. They are running a sale on colonics, so to promote the sale, she puts up a video of a guy having sex with a horse. Ilana argues that the video was not inappropriate because the horse was having sex with the man and not the man having sex with the horse.

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Response:  I can remember back in the 50’s when I was growing up that bedroom scenes were not even allowed on TV unless there were twin beds. That seems kind of laughable now since full nudity is common place on cable and partial exposure on regular network TV. Plus mature themes that most folks would have had a hard time even talking about a generation ago are the rule today and taken for granted.

If someone living in the 50’s was transported to the 21st century by a time machine they would be shocked and horrified about the graphic violence, sex, and immorality which is now common place and tolerated as entertainment on the boob tube. Also shocking would be the fact that TV was no longer a 10 inch black and white circle to be viewed but now a realistic 50 or more inches in living color taking up an entire wall in many home today.

Looking back, those of us who were born at the coming of TV following WWII and have seen it blossom into what it is today have been like the proverbial ‘frogs in the water’ and now it is boiling over with bestiality? Gone are the days when TV shows had real heroes that stood for what was right and reflected a Biblical standard of morality. Obviously times have changed and nobody knows it more than some of us who have lived through it all.               *Top

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