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by Dr. D ~

*DVD Now Available: from Skipstone Pictures; Directed by: Lance Bachelder & Johnny Remo; Cast: Justin Schwan (Luke Harris), Angel Cruz (Casey), Kelsey Sanders (Emily), Danny Smith (Youth Pastor- Shane), Andy Shephard (Matt), Raquel Gardner (Mom), Greg Carlson (Dad), Jessie Nickson, Matt Beacham, Christopher Michael, Ed Morgan.

**Awards: Peoples Choice Award: Best Feature Film – 2010 San Diego Christian Film Festival

This movie took me by surprise. A powerful Christian message wrapped naturally into a story that includes true friendship, tragedy, and the pain of growing up and seeking one’s identity and place in life. Plus it starts off with some incredible surfing cinematography and a soundtrack that gets you into it right from the very start.

In the first couple of minutes you learn that Luke has a passion for surfing and would like to become a pro. His friend Casey on the other hand is quite different and won’t even go into the water but they are the closest of buddies anyway.

Then there are Luke’s parents who don’t seem to listen to each other or Luke for that matter. From there we find out that Luke’s father is not exactly thrilled with His son’s surfing and wants him to dedicate himself to getting a college education. Luke on the other hand is keyed in on the upcoming local surfing contest that could get him a place on a sponsored team –a start towards achieving his dream.

Next day at school a new girl (Emily) catches Luke’s eye but he learns that she is some kind of serious Christian. Then there’s a new guy (Matt) on campus who brags about being the sure-fired winner of the upcoming surfing contest and ends up challenging Luke to a private surfing duel.

Along the way Luke gets grounded but comes to an understanding with his parents about his future. As part of the agreement he is required to attend the youth group at church. His friend Casey goes along with him and loves it.

Tragedy strikes and Luke has a hard time dealing with the aftermath. His friend Emily tries to talk to him about it but her answers seem like trite platitudes until he finds out the truth about her past and ends up searching for his own answers in the process.

The story is true to life with several twists and turns plus an inspired ending. This is a great story for teenagers and parents alike and even grandparents like myself.

The acting is top notch, the screen play is exceptional, and it is pulled together with an excellent soundtrack along with several scenes of surfing cinematography to die for. An awesome experience on many different levels with a natural Christian message to boot. Yes I really did like this film.

This movie would be great for youth groups. It raises all sorts of questions about life, relationships, parents, identity, goals, and the importance of bringing God aboard in the midst of it all.

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  2. LoriC

    WOW, hurry up and get this movie into theaters, great trailer, great scenery, great story. We need more movies with THIS type of message rather than sex, sex, sex…..

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