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-Rust (PG)

by Dr. D ~

DVD Now Available: From Provident Films & Sony Home Entertainment; Directed by: Corbin Bernsen; Run Time: 95 minutes; Cast: Corbin Bernsen (James Moore), Lloyd Allen Warner (Travis), Lorne Cardinal (Duane), Frank Gall (Glen Moore), Audrey Tennant (Mary), Kirsten Collins (Amanda), Rev. John G. Hutchinson (Pastor Barrow), Judith Davies (Mrs. Wexler), Nolan Hubbard (Drew), Ryder Debreceni (Ian).

Rust movie trailer

Touching story set in the small farming community of Kipling, Saskatchewan (pop: 1,100).

Corbin Bernsen plays James (Jimmy) Moore a long time minister who has a midlife crisis of faith and goes back home to Kipling to find his way once more. The town looks just like he remembered it but the people there are all going through a crisis of their own.

In the last harvest or so the crops in the area were devastated by rust and symbolically most of the relationships also seem to be suffering some way or another.

Jimmy’s father does not seem to be happy to see him. His sister is coping with the breakup of her marriage and the younger generation all seems to be bothered about something especially one young teenage girl.

Fortunately the town minister-Pastor Barrow hasn’t changed and still provides a solid foundation and example plus he gives Jimmy some very useful words of wisdom and encouragement.

Meanwhile the whole town is recovering from a recent fire that killed an entire family. One of Jimmy’s old friends, Travis a town reject, confessed to the crime. However something just doesn’t add up and the Travis that Jimmy knew just wouldn’t be capable of such a deed.

Jimmy ruffles a whole lot of feathers, including one of his old friends, Duane the town sheriff, as he is looks into the facts of the case. Along the way Jimmy finds purpose and his faith once more and the whole town is better for it.

Corbin Bernsen also wrote and directed the film plus quite a few local people have key roles in the movie lending it authenticity. The backdrop of winter in Kipling with snow everywhere you look is awesome.

An inspirational film and one that I highly recommend.

Here’s a link: <<to the movie website and where it can be purchased>>

*Note: We received a DVD free for review: <<Read our Disclosure Statement>>

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