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-The Way Home

by Dr. D ~

DVD: Available on October 26, 2010  by Red Five Entertainment; Directed by:  Lance W. Dreesen; Run time: 91 minutes; Cast: Dean Cain (Randy Simpkins), Lori Beth Edgeman (Christal Simpkins),  Sonny Shroyer (Volunteer Ed Walker), Tom Nowicki (Sheriff Tony Reeves), Brett Rice (Fire Chief Gary Thomas)


A movie based upon an inspirational true story.

Randy Simpkins and his wife Christal are loading up their van and preparing to go on vacation. Their 2 year-old son Joe is riding his trike in the driveway. 

Christal tells her husband to put Joe in his car seat while she goes back inside to finish up. Randy lets Joe keep playing while he goes in to check on his email at work before they leave. He comes back out a couple of minutes later and Joe is nowhere in site.

Then the search for the little boy begins. At first the parents are convinced that he is probably hiding from them and playing some kind of game. A half an hour later after searching everywhere in the house and on their property plus all of the nearby neighbors the parents are fit to be tied and now know that their son is gone, lost, or has been taken.

It is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Randy calls the Sheriff who immediately calls in the Fire Department’s search and rescue experts and then the search begins in earnest.

Meanwhile the Grandmother who lives nearby calls their minister at church who starts a prayer chain and calls in dozens of church members to help in the search and to help the family cope. In a very short time 100’s from the church and the community show up to volunteer.

After searching everywhere for 4 hours, the experts are beginning to fear the worst. It is a rural area full of all sorts of potential dangers for a 2 year-old. In every direction there are woods, ponds, dry wells, old buildings, and swamps that could swallow up the boy and time is getting short.

After a couple more hours, the Fire Chief begins to regrettably call in all of the crews  for the night with only a half an hour of daylight left. It is an emotional time for all.

In the midst of it all Randy Simpkins realizes what is really important in his life and promises God to make changes accordingly. Up to that point his life had been consumed by his job but after this he planned on putting his faith and his family first.

An inspirational story with a powerful ending. <<View the trailer and more info at the movie website>>

<<The DVD is currently available @ Thomas Nelson>> or at the following stores after October 26:

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*Note: We received a DVD free for review: <<Read our Disclosure Statement>>

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