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by Dr. D ~


DVD Now Available: Released Oct.5, 2010 by Spyplane Films; Directed by: Ken Horstmann; Cast:  Randall Bentley (Solomon White), Leah Sims (Wren Woods), Taylor St. Clair (Mrs. Buck), Blair Jasin (Cody), Jeremy Harrison (Craig Parker), Kay Copeland (Cindee).

Upside Trailer

Great story, good acting, with a wonderful soundtrack.

Story of a high school senior with everything and everything going for him at least so it seems.  Solomon White is a rich kid, an accomplished Jock that is being heavily recruited by Ivy league schools, and has a pretty girl friend that won’t leave him alone.

At the beginning I thought this would be just another teen love story with little substance where the hero doesn’t get along with his parents and snows his teachers, but I was wrong.

Solomon is a bright kid that is trying to cruise his way into an Ivy league athletic scholarship for lacrosse by doing the bare minimum in school work.  Meanwhile behind the scenes his mother is pulling strings and making contributions to her former alma mater to get him in and his girl friend Cindee who he broke up with is pressuring him to take their relationship to the next level.

In the midst of it all Mrs. Buck a Christian teacher takes an interest in Solomon and sees lots of potential but forces him into a writing project to make up for a copied paper that he had turned in as his own. With his scholarship on the line Solomon has to respond whether he likes it or not.

During a big game of lacrosse against a major rival Solomon is hit hard and suffers a major concussion. He wakes up in the hospital and finds that his world has literally been turned upside down. He suffers from a rare condition where his eye sight is now turned around and upside down.

In the process of learning to cope with his new situation Solomon meets a new love interest Wren Woods who is blind but helps Solomon view his life in a new way and begin to make decisions for himself. Wren is a Christian girl who does not pressure him in any way but does take him to church which ends up being a turning point for Solomon. Wren along with Mrs. Buck helps Solomon to find God and really find himself in the process.

A marvelous story with all sorts of lessons for living. Great for the whole family and also a great movie for the youth group at church.

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