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-Bringing Up Bobby

by Dr. D ~


DVD Now Available: Released Oct.5,2010 by Glowing Nose Productions; Directed by: Chris Staron; Runtime: 93 minutes; Cast: Marc Thompson (James), Alexander Hinsky (Bobby), Brian Morvant (Dennis), Liz Bucher (Liz), Jhey Castles (Terry), Adam Misenko (Eric), Reagan Kendrick (Andrea), Jay Smith (Walter).

Good Christian comedy. Great for the family and a film that could be used and shown by youth groups at church. Deals with the question of identity and how Jesus Christ factors in our lifestyle and decision making.

James is the ‘big brother’ raising Bobby who is turning 16. Their parents have been dead for 12 years and ‘big brother’ James put his own life on hold to raise his siblings particularly Bobby who was only 4 when their parents passed on.

The will has never been read nor has the estate been settled but the time has now come and Bobby’s much older brother Dennis and sister Andrea have come back to make sure that they get their share. James is hoping to get the family home and enough of the money to keep a roof over their heads and eventually send Bobby to college.

In the middle of it all, Andrea hires a lady lawyer to handle her interests. The lawyer  turns out to be a Christian and becomes a love interest for James who hasn’t dated for years.

Meanwhile Bobby is going through an identity crisis brought on by his becoming infatuated with a new girl at school- Liz. All of his current friends are ‘gothic’ in style and dress so also is Bobby. Meanwhile the new girl Liz, a Christian, is not impressed. This starts Bobby on a rather superficial quest to find out what she does like. Also at the same time at home James is challenging Bobby to read the Bible and look into Jesus and make a commitment to God.

Then throw in, Bobby’s closest friend Eric who is also going through a serious crisis with his mother an out-of-control alcoholic.

It sounds rather serious but it is a comedy after all that provides plenty of laughter and enjoyment on the way and even the occasional slapstick which actually works most of the time.

As in many comedies some of the characters are over-the-top, outrageous, and rather one-dimensional foils for fun. Dennis the druggie/anarchist wanderer brother, Andrea the selfish money grabbing possession-loving sister, Walter her rather meek husband/slave, and Bobby’s gothic ‘friends’ at school. Don’t expect any sort of logical or redeeming action/reaction from any of these folks.

There were two scenes in the movie that did not work for me and seemed rather unrealistic even for an outrageous comedy. First of all, Bobby buys a car for Liz. Nobody explains how a 16 year old is able to do that nor is there any update on what happens to the auto after Liz rejects the gift.  Then when Bobby finally gets a shot at dating Liz he turns her down saying that he needs to pursue and concentrate on his new life in Jesus. In real life a teen would probably choose to do both since the girl is a Christian also.

It is a serious Christian film after all and the message of the gospel comes through naturally most of the time. An ideal film for family discussion and for youth groups.

-Go to this site: To purchase the DVD or arrange for a church showing.

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