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-Lord Save Us From Your Followers

by Dr. D ~

Coming on DVD: April 20,2010


Review by Dana Chaffin

     Lord Save Us From Your Followers will be released on DVD April 20, 2010.  This is a humorous and insightful documentary about how America views Christians.  It answers the question, “Why is the gospel of love dividing America?”   The film does not add to the fight between “Us” vs. “Them”, but has a conversation with those who believe and oppose the Christian faith.  It is very entertaining and is meant to wake the Church up to see how others view our tactics.                     

“No one ever converted to Christianity because they lost the argument.”

  -Phillip Yancey, author, Rumors of Another World

Lord Save Us From Your Followers is a thought provoking documentary that demonstrates how Americans view Christianity.  It does not add fuel to the fire, but shows both sides and how their tactics are being viewed from the other side.  It is very surprising that statistics show that 9 out 10 Americans claim to be Christian.  So what’s all this “Cultural Wars” fighting about?  The writer/director, Dan Merchant, explains that a lot of the groups, in this so-called fight, cannot think outside their own beliefs.  Most are not willing to have a conversation with anyone from the other side, so we just shake our fists and scream our beliefs expecting to be heard.  I can not see any evidence that this is working.  People are talking about Christians from Politicians to athletes and preachers to students, but are they speaking of them positively?  This film uses interviews on the streets, with people opposing Christianity, with celebrities, and even an unusual confessional booth to show how each side sees the other.  It makes viewers stop and really think about how Christianity is being portrayed and is this how Jesus would approach it?  But some believe today there are so many issues – homosexuality, abortions, various other religions – how can we get our values across?  Through the interviews you will see that we are not doing it very well!  I think Dan Merchant says it best “I found that most people that have a problem with Christians don’t have a problem with Jesus!”

Lord Save Us From Your Followers is a must see for both Christians and non-Christians.  It does not condemn either side, but in fact shows how we can improve our relationships.  Isn’t that what Christianity is all about?  It proves that actions speak louder than words and that whoever screams the loudest does not win!  How did Jesus’ message of compassion, love, mercy, and empathy turn into fighting?  This film clarifies that as Christians we must act like Him!  Please visit www.lordsaveusthemovie.com to find out more information.               *Top

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