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-Amish Grace

by Dr. D ~

*TV Premiere: Sunday March 28, 2010 on LMN at 8pm ET


Review by Dana Chaffin

Amish Grace will air Sunday March, 28, 2010 on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) at 8 pm ET.  This movie is a touching story based on true events of tragedy, faith, and forgiveness.  An Amish community endured a great tragedy, but they never lost faith.  The scenes of prayer, faith, and forgiveness are outstanding.

     Amish Grace the movie is based on the book Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, and David L. Weaver-Zercher.  On October 2, 2006 at an Amish community schoolhouse in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania a disturbed man upsets the peaceful community.  He enters the one room schoolhouse shooting 10 young girls, killing 5 and critically injuring the other 5 girls before killing himself.  This movie does not concentrate on the murders, but more so about the unbelievable forgiveness offered by the Amish community.  Immediately after the community was turned upside down, Amish leaders go to the home of the shooter offering forgiveness and compassion to his widow.  Even the father of one of the deceased girls offers comfort to the widow.  The movie highlights facts of the actual events that caught national media attention.  The incredible cast includes stars like: Kimberly Williams-Paisley (According to Jim, Father of the Bride) and Matt Letscher (Medium, Brothers & Sisters, Boston Legal).

Amish Grace is extremely inspirational and illustrates that faith can overcome even the most tragic circumstances.  Luke 6:37 says, “Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”  As Christians we are to forgive, even our enemies.  There is a lot to learn from the forgiveness in this film.  This is an emotional movie so be sure to have plenty of tissues.

     You can find out more about the book, print a study guide, find forgiveness resources, and more at www.amishgrace.com.

Amish Grace airs Sunday March 28, 2010 on LMN at 8pm ET. Go to www.mylifetime.com to watch the movie trailer and read more about the movie.             *Top

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  1. Gina Wilhelm Actress

    This looks like a really excellent movie. I wish I had seen this review before the movie aired. Luckily, Lifetime Movie Network is rerunnig it several times in the next couple of weeks.

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