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-Fountain of Youth

by Dr. D ~

Review by Dana Chaffin

Fountain of Youth is the debut Christian short film from Light in the Dark, Inc.  The film is only 12 minutes long, but the story is timeless.  Light in the Dark, Inc. is a unique production company with high standards and a promising future.

Fountain of Youth is the story of a young man struggling with being in a rut.  When he hears tale of a “fountain of youth” he is intrigued.  He talks with an elderly man that tells him where the fountain can be found.  He and a young female friend set off on a journey to find the fountain.  What they find is inspiring.  The cast, although debuting in this film, is talented. Much thought was put into every scene.

     Light in the Dark, Inc. was started in 2003 by Allen Carrescia.  It is run by Allen and his brother Reid.  Allen graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Reid is currently at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. They are presently working on other short films with a feature film in the near future.

Fountain of Youth is an inspirational film that will touch many of lives.  The simplicity will draw viewers in to the story.  The cast does a great job of keeping your attention.  The film is available for only $5 (free shipping) at www.lightinthedark.com.

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