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-Saving God (PG-13)

by Dr. D ~

*Now on DVD: 2008 Cloud Ten Pictures; Directed by: Duane Crichton; Cast: Ving Rhames (Pastor Armstrong Cane), Ricardo Chavira (Rev. Danny Christopher), Dean McDermott (Blaze), Dwain Murphy (Norris Johns), Genelle Williams (Ashley Ellis).


Review by Dana Chaffin:

Saving God, an exciting Christian film, is available on DVD.  This is an inspiring movie about making choices and finding hope.  The story brings to mind the Scripture Romans 3:23 NIV “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.  We all have done things in our past that we regret.   But because of God’s grace we can be forgiven and change.  People are capable of changing with God’s help.  It was awarded five Doves from the Dove Foundation, their highest rating. Saving God has also been nominated for the 2008/2009 Time for Peace Film Award.  The story is moving and the cast is very talented and well known.  Grab your popcorn and enjoy an extremely entertaining and motivating movie.

The Story

Saving God is the story of Pastor Armstrong Cane (Ving Rhames), a recently released prisoner.  He entered prison a rebellious young man, but left prison a man of God.  His father had died while he was locked up and that was a turning point in his life.  His father was the pastor of a small church in his hometown and now he would take over.  In a very tender moment in the movie Cane visits the graves of his parents and tells his dad that he would not let him down.  He will have several people from his past telling him that he can not change his violent ways. 

Armstrong returns to his father’s church to find that most of the congregation had left because of the decline in the neighborhood.  The area was now overrun with drug dealers and violence.  Armed with his love for God and a megaphone he is determined to take back the neighborhood and overcome his past.  By a chance encounter he meets Norris (Dwain Murphy), a young man that is making bad choices.  Cane tries to help Norris turn his life around.  Norris must first decide to give up his drug dealer lifestyle.  That is not so easy because he is ruled by a violent drug dealer, Blaze (Dean McDermott).  Norris does not know that his teenage girlfriend is pregnant, but he wants to get his life straight.  The struggle that occurs for the life of Norris is exciting and dangerous.

The Actors

Ving Rhames plays Armstrong Cane.  He was born and raised in Harlem, New York, so he can identify with the neighborhood in the movie.  Rhames also served as Executive Producer of Saving God.  He is a Golden Globe winner and very experienced actor.  He is also nominated for the 2008/2009 Time for Peace Actor Award for his exceptional performance in this film.  Mission Impossible, Kojak, Pulp Fiction, Con Air, and Lilo and Stitch are only a few of the movies he has acted in.  In this film he does an outstanding job.

Ricardo Chivira is wonderful as Danny Christopher, a superficial TV preacher.  It is a long way from his role as Carlos Solis on Desperate Housewives.  He has had numerous guest star appearances on Monk, 24, JAG, NYPD Blue, and the George Lopez Show.  Chivira is also active off screen as a breast cancer advocate.  This is an issue close to his heart as his mother passed away at the age of 43 years old of breast and ovarian cancer.  He is honorary spokesman in San Antonio, Texas for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The brutal gang leader, Blaze, is played by Dean McDermott.  He is known for being a very talented actor and being married to Tori Spelling.  His acting career includes Open Range, Kojak, Brian’s Song, Without A Trace, and the reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love to name a few.

Dwain Murphy is outstanding as Norris Johns, a young drug dealer who has a tough choice to make between being a thug and being a THUG for Christ.  Murphy is best known for his role as Eric in Degrassi: The Next Generation.  He has acted in many films such as Poor Boy’s Game, How She Move, and The Line.  He has a passion for acting, but also enjoys basketball in his free time.

Extremely talented actress Genelle Williams plays the girlfriend of Norris Johns.  In the film she finds out she is pregnant and tries to find the right time to tell Norris.  Williams has a long list of acting credits including The Lazarus Child, It’s a Boy Girl Thing, The Orphan, and more.  In 2007 she was nominated for the Gemini Award for “Best Performance in a Leading Role” as Monica in the mini-series Doomstown.

Saving God is a brilliant Christian movie.  Who will save God for the souls who have lost Him?  It is a quality film with exceptional actors and an amazing message.  It has some violence and the subject of drug dealing so it may not be suitable for younger children.  This would be a great movie for adults to share with their teens.  The excitement and teen issues will keep them interested.  This film expresses the topic of choices and how even those choices we make as young people can altar our life, so it is important to make careful choices.  You can purchase Saving God wherever Christian movies are sold or at the movie’s website www.savinggodmovie.com

"5 Dove Rating"
5 Doves from DOVE Foundation

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