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by Dr. D ~

DVD Release: Oct. 20, 2009 by Voice of the Martyrs; Producer: Stephen Husmann, Director: Nolan Dean; Run Time: 76 minutes.


Malatya: A True Story of Modern Day Martyrs

Review by Dana Chaffin:

October 20, 2009 is the second DVD release date for the stunning documentary Malatya.  The film, which had an early release through Voice of the Martyrs on April 18th, 2009 in honor of the martyrs, is now releasing in its final form. 

This is a true story of persecution and perseverance.  Three Christian men were brutally tortured and murdered, in Malatya Turkey, for their faith in Jesus Christ.  It may be difficult for people to understand that Christians even today are beaten, raped, and killed for proclaiming Jesus. Many may read stories about martyrs, but to actually see that these men were real nowadays martyrs is dramatic. 

Like in America, Christians are not beaten for saying the name – Jesus. Their homes are not burned because they own a Bible.  Americans are free to attend public church services and they do not have to hide in the woods after dark for a Bible study, like in some countries.  However; if Christians everywhere do not stand up against this type of persecution, all countries may be affected.  The story of these men’s lives and how their families and fellow Christians are persevering is inspiring.  Also keep reading to find out how you can help persecuted Christians.


The Story

On April 18, 2007 three men were murdered in Turkey for no other reason than they were Christians.  The men murdered were Necati Aydin, 36, Ugur Yuksel, 32, and Tilmann Geske, 45.  Necati and Ugur were Turkish converts and Tilmann a German citizen.  The murderers were five young men 19 & 20 years old.  These young men had attended the Easter service with the men they would days later murder. 

The day of the murder, the murderers came to the office inquiring about Christ. Necati and Ugur talked with the boys for awhile and then they were attacked and bound. Each of the murderers carried a note saying “We did this for our country.  They were attacking our religion.”  What is so disturbing is that Turkey is less than 1% Christian and 99% Muslim.  In Turkey the meaning of being a Turk is to be a Muslim.  These men had their hands and feet bound, their heads slammed against a wall, and tortured with knives.  When the police arrived outside the office door, their throats were cut.  These men paid the ultimate price for serving God. 

Their families and fellow Christians have also suffered due to the loss of these wonderful men.  The strength and faith they show is inspirational.  They continue to have church services and welcome newcomers even though they are at risk.  The story of one of their children wanting to tell the murderers about Christ is touching.  The families understand that their loss is not in vain.  These great men are like seeds for the Turkish church.

What can you do?

Get Involved!  Be aware and inform others that this kind of slaughter happens and we must get involved to help our fellow Christians.  Most of all PRAY for those persecuted and their families. 

Learn to pray for the Turkish Christians by viewing the special features on the DVD, there is a visual/audio prayer guide.  At the website www.malatyafilm.com you can download a 30 day prayer guide.

The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit organization that helps persecuted Christians around the world.  They offer many programs and ways that you can help those that are being persecuted and their families.  Check out their website www.persecution.com to find out about their various programs.

The Malatya movie will highlight the truth on October 20, 2009 that murders happen just because one is a Christian.  The world will see the courageous story of these men who gave their lives for Christ. Be encouraged by how the families are continuing and not giving up after their loss.  Sadly these men are not the first or last to die for their belief in Christ.  You can purchase the documentary online at www.malatyafilm.com, www.familychristianmovies.com or www.vombooks.com.

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