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-Set Apart

by Dr. D ~

**DVD Release: September 22, 2009 by Provident Films, Directed by: Ralph Portillo; Cast: Richard Roundtree (J.T.), John Schneider (John Gunn), Jennifer O’Neill (Michele Gunn), Heidi Gunn (Herself), Randy Gunn (Himself), Ronnie Alvarez (Rey), Ary Katz (Marcus), Marina Shtelen (Korina), Brandon Wilson (Anthony).


Set Apart brings ministries to the movies!

Review by Dana Chaffin:

     In this action-packed movie, ministries are the backdrop to an encouraging story.  This Christian film highlights actual ministries that were created by brothers Randy and John Gunn together with their wives.  The plot of the movie and the ministries featured make it entertaining and purposeful.  It gets the attention and hearts of both adults and teens and will make for an enjoyable movie night for the whole family.

About the movie

     The title of the movie Set Apart reminds us that as children of God we are set apart for a special purpose.  “Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself” Psalm 4:3a (NIV).  This film mixes comedy and Wild West action to get across a powerful message.  The story is about 4 teens from a tough city where drugs, prostitution, and violence are part of their normal life.  These kids are in a fight for their lives trying to make the right decisions, but the gangs are making that very hard.  A preacher, played by John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard), noticing that these kids are at high risk, asks his brother, Randy Gunn, to take them to his ranch, to see a different way of life.  While at the ranch these teens learn about hard work, responsibility, true friendship, and above all that God loves them.  Today teens are faced with tough choices all around them.  They are desperately looking for love and acceptance.  Who are we going to let influence our teens – God or gangs?

About the ministries

     Randy and Heidi Gunn are involved in GunnPoint Music & Ministries.  They perform and compete at Cowboy Mounted Shooting competitions. The Gunn’s are the official pastors of The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA).  At these events they conduct “Cowboy Church”.  These services include encouraging music and a positive message to the cowboys, cowgirls and their families.  The GunnPoint Band has touched the lives of numerous cowboys and their families.  They have performed in concert with some big names like Diamond Rio, Josh Turner, Natalie Grant and more.   
    Randy is known as “The Pistol Packin’ Preacher” and with National and World Cowboy Mounted Shooting titles, that fits. He shares the Gospel to cowboys in lingo they understand – horses. As a songwriter and recording artist He has produced several top 20 hits on the Contemporary Christian Music list.

    Heidi is known as “Straight Arrow” as she too competes in the Mounted Shooting competitions.  Heidi’s God-given gifts of singing, modeling, acting, writing, and more help her to share her love of God and people. 

     Another inspiring ministry, The Power Company Kids Club, is featured in the film.  Reverend John W. Gunn, brother to Randy Gunn, and his wife Michele founded the ministry in 1993.  This is a faith-based nonprofit ministry dedicated to bringing hope to inner city kids and their families.  The at-risk kids are transported to the center weekly for singing, games, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  John and Michele live in the community where they minister.  They visit the families in their homes, mentor the children, and lead street ministries.  Their main purpose is the emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of the Power Company Kids.

Set Apart is a reality for a lot of teens in America – facing gangs, prostitution, and violence at every turn.   But Thank God we have ministries like GunnPoint and The Power Company Kids Club reaching out to them and their families.  On September 22, 2009, pick up the DVD anywhere Christian movies are sold.  Until then, you can visit www.setapartmovie.com to learn more about the movie and the ministries.  Again I ask who are we letting influence teens around us – God or gangs?  Get involved with teens in your area or help the ministries that are already reaching out.

Dana Chaffin is a Christian freelance writer who has published many articles on
faithwriters.com. Passionate about Christian film, her desire is to get the word out about Christian movies to as many people as possible.

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2 Responses to -Set Apart

  1. Steve Perry

    If you want a movie for kids with no bad language and the good guys win at the end, the movie is okay. If you want a movie that mentions the name of Jesus Christ or presents the gospel in a clear way, forget it. Jesus’ name is not mentioned even once in the whole movie. The two or three prayers said in the movie do not end in Jesus’ Name, just “Amen.” God’s name was mentioned several times, but never His Only Begotten Son who one must go through to get to God. Many religions have a “god,” and this movie would not offend any of them. I was very disappointed.

  2. Jazmin

    I want to know, the movie will be in Spanish?

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