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-An American Carol (PG-13)

by Dr. D ~

image Theater release: October 3, 2008 by Vivendi Entertainment, Directed by: David Zucker, Runtime: 85 minutes, Cast:
Kevin Farley (Michael Malone), Robert Davi (Aziz), Leslie Nielsen (Grandpa), Kelsey Grammer (General George S. Patton), Jon Voight (George Washington), Trace Adkins (Angel of Death / Himself), Chriss Anglin (John F. Kennedy), Dennis Hopper (The Judge), James Woods (Michael’s Agent), Vicki Browne (Rosie O’Connell), Kevin Sorbo (George Mulrooney), David Alan Grier (Rastus Malone), Bill O’Reilly (Himself)

Brought to you by the same folks (David Zucker) who recently produced all the Scary Movie sequels, and the earlier Airplane! and Naked Gun movies. I will just say that the genre has not improved with time.

The ‘story’  (such as it is) is a take-off of Christmas Carol with Spirits of the past, present, and future visiting a anti-American American left-wing documentary filmmaker, Michael Malone (Kevin Farley), who does remind one of Michael Moore. Of course that is the whole point of the film, to be a right-wing parody of Moore.


The film is actually one skit after another strung together by an implausible story line that is ignored most of the time. Some of it is well done and brings you to tears as you laugh through the punch lines and spill your popcorn on your neighbor. Other scenes, far too many, fall flat and you almost feel embarrassed for the actors.

Most of left-leaning Hollywood reviewers have panned the movie and probably can’t be expected to enjoy the myriad of lampoons at their expense. However, some of their criticisms are valid.

Kevin Farley does a fine job and has a real future. Leslie Nielsen is Leslie Nielsen, a fine caricature of himself. Kelsey Grammer is brilliant as Gen. Patton, Jon Voight plays a dignified Geo. Washington, and Dennis Hopper is completely outrageous as a judge who shoots down zombie ACLU lawyers in his courtroom.

This is not a movie I would see twice, but I might be persuaded to buy the DVD in order zip though the slow parts and view the scenes that actually make the film worth paying to see.

Right-wing conservatives like myself will enjoy it, moderates will think it so-so, and liberals will head for the exits early.

Some Christians who read my reviews might be offended by some of the antics and language that contributed to the PG-13 rating. Not really a film that children will be able to get a hold of, but some of the outrageous antics might keep them quit long enough for the credits to roll.            


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