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-10,000 B.C. (PG-13)

by Dr. D ~

*Now on DVD–   Warner Brothers,  March 7, 2008, Directed by: Roland Emmerich, 109 minutes, Cast: Steven Strait (D’Leh), Camilla Belle (Evolet), Cliff Curtis (Tic’Tic), Mo Zinal (Ka’Ren), Joel Virgel (Nakudu), Mona Hammond (Old Mother), Marco Khan (One-Eye), Omar Sharif (Narrator).


The movie features animals which are extinct, and a variety of human cultures which never existed side by side or even in the same era or continent. Nevertheless, the story was interesting and at times almost magical.

D’Leh is the hero of the story, living in a tribe which hunts woolly-mammoth and reminds one of North American Indian culture. A group of horsemen raid the village and carry off a bunch of folks including Evolet, D’leh’s blue-eyed and beautiful girlfriend. D’Leh and a group from the village pursue the raiders. On the way they encounter sabre-toothed tigers and a type of pre-historic lizard that reminds one of the Raptors in Jurassic Park.

They finally come upon a village of black people, that is reminiscent of 18th century central Africa, which has also been raided and they join together in the pursuit. After a one day journey across a vast desert, they come to what looks like an Egyptian city along a large river (probably the Nile) with a huge pyramid being built by thousands of slaves and an advanced complex culture of noblemen, military, and priests.

The movie features one-dimensional characters which are either all good or all evil.  D’Leh, our designated hero, proves his moral character at the beginning by refusing to accept glory and honor that came his way by accident.  Even though he would have gained Evolet for his wife in the process. The Egyptian raiders exhibit no such redeeming characteristics at all.

It finally gets down to a real battle with panoramic fighting scenes on top of and flowing off of the pyramid. However, there is also an unseen religious power encounter going on at the same time.  Behind the battles scenes, there is a ‘spiritual’ battle going on between the Egyptian priests and prophets, verses the native North-American type village witch doctor lady who exhibits a New Age/ Star Wars Jedi type of vision/power projection. Guess who wins the day!            *Top

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1 Response to -10,000 B.C. (PG-13)

  1. Christopher Watson

    This is a good movie. It’s live action and packed turns and twists will keep the moviegoer on its feet. It is a good versus evil one which makes it pretty cool.

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