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-2 year Anniversary and Changes in Blog Emphasis

by Dr. D ~

March 5, 2008 marked the 2 year anniversary of ANSWERS For The Faith Blogs.

image In the midst of evaluating all of my sites, I realized that the Movies & TV Commentary was over due for a change in emphasis and direction. I started out reviewing movies and TV programs with an eye towards commenting on religion and/or moral lessons contained in each one.

In looking at my most recent work, I realize that some where along the line I started putting more effort in turning out a complete review of the movies I had watched and really spent very little time on religious and moral issues that I had originally intended post on. There are already a number of very good Christian sites that give complete reviews of all the movies in the theater and on DVD.

Starting today, I am going to comment on religion and religious themes and moral issues contained in the Movies that I see and also a few TV programs that I am interested in. The acting, the story, and overall review of the work itself will from now on receive less attention.             *Top

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