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-Battlestar Gallactica, 2006

by Dr. D ~

The new season (2006) opened with a number of disturbing scenes and issues.  The violence was quite graphic.  A stabing in the neck, an eye gouged out (thankfully unseen), Forced and explicit sexual scenes.  The humans are captives on ‘New Caprica’ and the Cylons are in charge.

The President is a trader to his own kind and a resistance has risen to the occasion.  Col. Tye is in charge of the underground and continues to show his usual poor judgment.  He allowed and supported suicide bombing.  His own wife turns out to be a trader in order to keep him alive.  The Cylons beat him up and took one of his eyes and threatened to kill him if she did not spy for them.

The Cylons round up all the human leaders and bus them out to the country.  The plan is to massacre them all, ala the Nazis.  But their plans are disrupted by the resistance and the coming of a rescue force from the Gallactica.  The surprise attack succeeds and the humans are able to leave the Cylons behind.

The next episode, the colonial folks are trying to deal with those who were the traders and also in the process are discovering that it is real hard to turn back the clock and begin again.  The school teacher once more becomes President and once again they head for Earth.

Latest 11/10:  The Colonials discover a Cylon Base ship that has been wiped out by a plague of some sort.  They discover an antidote but are tempted to try to infect and wipe out the entire Cylon race.  The Admiral does not like the idea but surprisingly the school teacher President orders the attempt which fails.  The moral questions that they deal with on this show keep me aboard and interested.  Not your everyday TV pleasure cruise for sure.


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