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-Nacho Libre (PG)

by Dr. D ~

Paramount Pictures, 2006, Directed by Jared Hess, Comedy

Starring:  Jack Black, Ana de la Requera

The setting is in a rural part of modern Mexico.  Jack Black plays a friar serving in an orphanage that he grew up in.  He had a childhood dream of becoming a famous wrestler, but he grows up to become the brother in charge of the kitchen.

The orphanage is poor and depends on  handouts from the local village to feed the children.  Soon, Jack begins to wrestle and earns money (by losing) for better provisions for the children, and of coarse a few luxuries for himself.  It is a fun movie and appropriate for the family.  The antics of Jack Black wear well and compliment this vehicle.  It really surprised me how much I liked and really enjoyed this movie!

Ana de la Requera plays the love interest, as a young woman dedicated to serving God.  Her performance is quite good and leaves one hoping to see her in many more movies.  The innocent bi-play between Jack’s character and her’s, is endearing and really makes this movie special.


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