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-Poseidon (PG 13)

by Dr. D ~

Warner Bros.,2006, Directed by Wolfgang Petersen,                        Starring: Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfus

The film was a first-rate non-stop romp, and the special effects were incredible.  Nothing like the previous “Poseidon Adventure” of 1972.  That movie was a darling of the critics, because of the subtext of religious symbols and philosophical underpinnings.  This movie was just a fun disaster trip with nothing significant to worry about.

You could actually observe the demise of main characters with only a little regret, because they were never fully developed.  The ‘potential suicide’ who found a reason to live.  The ‘crazy drunk’ who seems to be oblivious to his dire situation.  You knew the types and expected the results, and really didn’t care–but it was fun anyway.

There was one ‘religious symbol’ in the movie-a cross in the form of a necklace, that saves all of our heroes from an early ‘claustrophobic’ death.  It was like the writers were giving a obligatory nod to the original.

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