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-End of The Spear (PG 13)

by Dr. D ~

This is still the best film that I have seen all year (besides Narnia).  I am glad that I saw it before I was exposed to all the controversy about one of the actors. Turns out that the producers did not know before hand, that their main actor was homosexual.  Here is what I wrote to one of my friends about the film after seeing it in January:

  ” I saw a great movie this week while I was out of town–‘End of the Spear’–a story of five missionaries who went with their families to Ecuador.  It is a true story that demonstrates the true strength of Christianity. It really does show that the gospel & the Kingdom is more than just wisdom, philosophy, and scholarly study–but there is a reality in the power of God that transcends time.  Christianity is the greatest scientific experiment of all history–duplicated in every generation with the same results–angels, miracles, healing, inspiration, sacrifice, repentance, faith, redemption & changed lives.  What a great movie, like the Book of Acts only with airplanes!  It is told from the perspective of the tribe. If you see it, make sure you stick around for the credits–the real people are shown at the end.”

     It really is a shame that the controversy over shadowed what is a movie celebration of a really famous story & triumph in Christian missions.  Critics have conclusively been shown to be wrong in their assertions that the producers knowingly cast the actor.  It would be a shame if Christians did not support this film when it comes out in DVD.  Especially since a portion of the proceeds goes to the actual mission.

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