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-Battlestar Gallactica

by Dr. D ~

Friday PM  on Scifi

Religion seems to be an on-going theme on this series.  I am always interested in observing and detecting religious themes and references by writers of SciFi.  In BG they are in abundance.  The lady President is a ‘prophetic’ figure & some times just pathetic. The Human religion portrayed on the show is polytheistic–“the gods of Cobal did this..the gods helped us there..etc”.  Several characters have been shown praying to small hand-held idols.  The ‘Priest’ on last weeks show told the Chief who came to him for counseling, that “prayer was a waste of time”.  This week, he was exposed as a Cylon (an artificial lifeform) and then he proceeded to tell the President that there were really no gods–religion was just made up to console the masses. What I really find interesting, is that the blond Cylon lady keeps referring to “one true god”.  She’s the only one who seems to have a genuine faith, and yet her lifestyle seems to contradict her stated beliefs.

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