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-“Pirate Latitudes”

by Dr. D ~

By Michael Crichton (New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2009, 312 pages)


The last novel of Michael Crichton published posthumously. I received the book as a Christmas gift and couldn’t put it down until the last page.

Typical of any Crichton book, a lot of research must have gone into the work. The story is real and based up actual historical events as are most of the major characters. It gives you a real feel for what life must have been like in that time and far away place.

The setting is 17th century Caribbean and the Island of Jamaica. A time when the Spanish dominated the whole region while the English governor was left to depend upon ‘privateers’ who were really not much more than pirates depending upon ones point of view.

If the Spanish caught them they were hung as pirates, however they received a heroes welcome back in Port Royal Jamaica if they succeeded in a raid against the Spanish as long as they were attacked first and carried English papers.

The story is based upon Captain Charles Hunter’s innovative successful raid upon the Spanish port of Matanceros and the capture of a Spanish treasure filled galleon—El Trinidad.

There are a number of twists and turns in the story and enough action and adventure to keep you glued to the pages till the very end. It starts off slow but picks up after Captain Hunter and his group leave for Matanceros—it is non-stop from there.

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-“Pursuit of Honor”

by Dr. D ~

By Vince Flynn (New York: Atria Books, 2009, 431 pages)


A brilliant continuation of the story line that started in the previous book of this series: Extreme Measures. The story left of with al Qaeda terrorists devastating Washington DC with a series of explosions and then directly attacking the Counterterrorism Center itself killing 185 people. Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash were the heroes of the day stopping the attack and literally saving the lives of thousands including a congressional delegation.

Three terrorist leaders are still at large. Unfortunately the slow and methodical way that the FBI is handling the investigation will probably lead to their escape. The President appoints Mitch Rapp to find and eliminate the final three.

Rapp not only has to worry about finding the terrorists but also a Congressional investigation that is targeting him for brutally killing the terrorists who attacked the Center. Rapp battles it out with several Washington bureaucrats before he can go after the terrorists.

Fortunately the terrorists have their own trouble and fight among themselves.

Finally Mitch is able to get out of trouble and take down the al Qaeda guys. Another fast and furiously fun read by Vince Flynn.

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-“ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income”

by Dr. D ~

By Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett (Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2008, 220 pages)


The ultimate book on how to make money while blogging. Both of the writers are successful bloggers who make a 6 figured income doing what they love to do best.

Darren and Chris map out a number of different strategies that work in bringing more traffic and authority to a blog. They key in on the importance of producing and consistently posting good content. Then how to promote and market a blog. Finally, they list a number of  different ways to make money blogging.

This is a valuable book even for folks who just want to make a better blog. But it is particularly useful for those of us who would like to at least produce a blog that will pay for itself or even make a second income. For those who would like to be blogging fulltime, it is essential.

Besides, the book is full of personal experiences from two guys who have made it all work and on top of it all it is actually fun to read.            *Top

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-“The Last Patriot”

by Dr. D ~

By Brad Thor (New York: Pocket Books (Simon & Shuster), 2008, 480 pages)


Scot Harvath was in Paris with his girl friend Tracy Hastings recovering from his last assignment. Scot, a Navy SEAL who was assigned to the President’s Secret Service detail had been released by the President to seek and destroy terrorists wherever he could find them. Now that part of his life was over and he just wanted to have a regular life as a family man. Soon however the vacation was over as a bomb exploded near by and roped Scot and Tracy into a new anti-terrorist adventure.

This non-stop thriller involves the historical writings and residences of Thomas Jefferson, the ‘last revelation’ of Mohammed (Prophet of Islam), and American Muslim leaders and terrorists who are dedicated to do anything to keep the final revelation from coming to light.

A can’t put down book with a plausible plot that is destined to keep you reading and keep you up at nights. Way too real for mere fiction.

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-“Google Blogger for Dummies”

by Dr. D ~

By Susan Gunelius (Hoboken,NJ: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2009, 362 pages)


The coming of this book is long overdue—a definitive manual on using Blogger. This is bound to become the essential book for those using the Blogger program whether one is starting out in the blogosphere or has been around a while. There is something for everyone in this volume—if you now use Blogger or intend to in the future.

The book is particularly helpful for those starting out giving detailed help on how to set up your Blogger blog. The writer also gives excellent advise in how to grow a blog and increase readership. I found some of her suggestions to be helpful even though I use WordPress for most of my blogs and have been around for close to four years now.

Even if you have been using Blogger for some time now I believe that the book is full of good information that would be useful for even intermediate bloggers. Ms. Gunelius give detailed info on where to find new Blogger Templates and the procedure for installing them on a Blogger blog. She also gives able advise for those who would like to make some money and monetize their blogs using not only Google’s AdSense but she has a survey of all the different options available.

She also goes into using all the different Google Gadgets and includes a section how to create and publish podcasts and video on Blogger. At the end of the book is a chapter on the “Ten common Blogger Problems and Possible Solutions”—this section might be worth the price of the book by itself if you have ever experienced any of the problems listed here. Also at the back is a very helpful Glossary which features most of the common internet and blogging terms that can be so confusing to those starting out.

Overall, an excellent book on Blogger but also on blogging itself. The initial price ($24.95 US) might be steep but well worth it in the long run.

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