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-“The Heavenly Man”

(Cover via Amazon) By Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway (London & Grand Rapids: Monarch Books, 2002, 351 pages) The incredible true story of Chinese evangelist Liu Zhenying known to his Christian friends as Brother Yun. It is his own personal testimony along with the reflections of his wife Deling who supported him in the ministry […]


By Phillip Jose Farmer (New York: Tom Doherty Assoc.,LLC, 2010, 443 pages, including two books: “To Your Scattered Bodies Go” and “The Fabulous Riverboat”) The first half of the book follows Sir Richard Francis Burton who along with everyone who ever lived from early Neanderthals up to 2200 AD were resurrected at the same time […]

"The Alchemist"

By Paulo Coelho  (San Francisco: Harper Collins Pub., 1988, 174 pgs.) A delightful story with all sorts of good lessons.  A young man pursues his dreams and finds all sorts of detours in the process.  His understanding and goals change somewhat along the way, as he comes in contact with many other interesting characters.  He […]

"Prayers For The Assassin"

By Robert Ferrigno  (New York: Scribner,2006, 395 pgs.) What would America be like if it became an Islamic Republic in the future? The setting for the book is Seattle, 2040.  ‘Black Robe’ religious police are roaming the city arresting those who violate the dress and language codes.  Most Christians have fled to the old South, […]

"The Da Vinci Code"

By Dan Brown (New York: Doubleday, 2003)      Anyone who has read the book, knows that it is a real ‘page turner’.  I have enthusiastically read all of Dan Brown’s novel.  All of them keep ones interest at a fever pitch, from page one through to the end. He is an expert at bringing a […]