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-"Claiming Christ"

:”A Mormon-Evangelical Debate” by Robert L.Millet and Gerald R. McDermott (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Pub.-Brazos Press, 2007, 238 pages) A continuation of the Evangelical/Mormon dialogue started with the book “How Wide The Divide” by Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson and continued in “Bridging The Divide” by Robert L Millet and Gregory C.V. Johnson. Dr. Robert […]

-"A Thousand Splendid Suns"

By Khaled Hosseini (New York: Riverhead Books, Penguin Group, 2007, 372 pages) A Novel by the author of The Kite Runner. The story of two women, Mariam and Laila. Mariam is 5 years of age in Afghanistan, 1964. She looked forward to the visits by her father Jahil until she is old enough to understand […]

-"Bridging The Divide"

:”The Continuing Conversation Between A Mormon and an Evangelical” By Dr. Robert L Millet and Rev. Gregory C.V. Johnson (Rhinebeck, New York: Monkfish Book Pub. Co., 2007, 185 pages) In many ways, this is a continuation of “How Wide The Divide”, it even has a forward by Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson the authors of […]

-"How Wide the Divide?"

-A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation By Craig L. Blomberg & Stephen E. Robinson (Downers Grove,Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 1997, 228 pages) This book is really a first–an actual dialogue between an Evangelical scholar, Dr. Craig Blomberg of Denver Seminary, and Dr. Stephen E. Robinson of BYU.  Both are recognized scriptural scholars in their own […]

-"3:16 The Numbers of Hope"

By Max Lucado (Nashville,Tenn.:Thomas Nelson, 2007, 219 pages) A great devotional book based upon John 3:16. This is Max Lucado at his insprirational best. Each chapter is short enough to be read in the morning to start the day right or finish the day at night on a high note. Full of great stories and […]