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-“The Heavenly Man”

(Cover via Amazon) By Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway (London & Grand Rapids: Monarch Books, 2002, 351 pages) The incredible true story of Chinese evangelist Liu Zhenying known to his Christian friends as Brother Yun. It is his own personal testimony along with the reflections of his wife Deling who supported him in the ministry […]

-“The Power of Surrender: Breaking Through to Revival”

By Michael Catt (Nashville, Tennessee: B & H Publishing Group, 2010, 305 pages)  Is the ‘prosperity gospel’ hindering revival? Pastor Michael Catt, senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Ga. believes so. Pastor Catt makes a number of observations about revival in his new book:  “The Power of Surrender: Breaking Through to Revival” Here’s […]

-"3:16 The Numbers of Hope"

By Max Lucado (Nashville,Tenn.:Thomas Nelson, 2007, 219 pages) A great devotional book based upon John 3:16. This is Max Lucado at his insprirational best. Each chapter is short enough to be read in the morning to start the day right or finish the day at night on a high note. Full of great stories and […]

"Holy Discontent"

By Bill Hybels (Grand Rapids, Michigan:Zondervan, 2007, 155 pgs.) The book is written by Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. Pastor Hybels suggests that you use those things in your life which bring you the most ‘discontent’ to motivate you into taking action. He gives several examples of people who have […]

"Confessions of an Amateur Believer"

By Patty Kirk (Nashville,Tenn.: Nelson Books, 2006, 275 pages) A very interesting book on the real-life faith journey of Patty Kirk: a college teacher, farmer, mother, wife, daughter-in-law, and regular Christian.  She writes about her path from a simple faith in God as a child, to her tragedy induced unbelief and eventual atheism.  Then she […]