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"Painting The Map Red": Chapter Six- The Left Redefining Marriage?

By Hugh Hewitt, (Washington DC: Regnery Pub., Inc, 2006, 229 pgs.)       We have all seen it, read it, & lived through it all, in the last several years, but Hugh Hewitt in chapter 6 of his new book-”Painting The Map Red”, documents the whole process to date.  The Left and their willing accomplices in […]

"Painting The Map Red": Chapter Four- The Left Vs. Religion

By Hugh Hewitt, (Washington,DC: Regnery Pub.,Inc, 2006, 229 pgs)      In Chapter Four of Hugh Hewitt’s new book- “Painting The Map Red”, Hugh documents the recent efforts by the left; including MSM pundits, Democratic leaders, Academics, and assorted leftist groups, in attacking mainstream Americans of ‘clear faith’, on a number of issues.  This chapter alone […]