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"MySpace Unraveled: A Parents Guide to Teen Social Networking"

By Larry Magid and Anne Collier (Berkeley, Ca: Peachpit Press, 2007, 184 pgs.) This is a great book for parents to gain a working understanding of MySpace and Social networking. The authors are experts in internet safety and provide a clear understanding of the potential dangers for children on the web along with useful tips […]

"Publishing a Blog with Blogger"

By Elizabeth Castro (Berkeley,CA: Peachpit Press, Visual QuickProject Guide, 2005, 127 pgs.) This is the most complete guide on Blogger that I have found so far. It starts at the beginning and takes you through how to start a blog, how to write a post, how to use the editor, post pictures and format a […]

"The Rough Guide to Blogging"

By Jonathan Yang (London, UK: Rough Guides Ltd, Oct. 2006, 208 pgs.) An Introduction to blogging. Jonathan Yang introduces one to all the important things and terms in the blogosphere.  He suggests that one starts out reading lots of blogs at first to get some ideas. He presents a sample of blogs from every major […]

"Teach Yourself: Blogging"

By Nat McBride and Jamie Cason (London UK: Hodder Education, 2006, 198 pgs.) This is an excellent introduction to blogging, easy to read and understand. It is particularly helpful if you are just starting out. The book has detailed instructions on how to begin and set up a blog with Blogger or with TypePad if […]

"The Blogging Church"

"The Blogging Church: Sharing the Story of Your Church Through Blogs" By Brian Bailey, with Terry Storch (San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons,inc., 2007, 199 pages) An Excellent book exploring all the hows, whys, and ways that blogs might be used by churches and pastors in their administration and ministry. The strength of this book […]