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-“The Last Patriot”

by Dr. D ~

By Brad Thor (New York: Pocket Books (Simon & Shuster), 2008, 480 pages)


Scot Harvath was in Paris with his girl friend Tracy Hastings recovering from his last assignment. Scot, a Navy SEAL who was assigned to the President’s Secret Service detail had been released by the President to seek and destroy terrorists wherever he could find them. Now that part of his life was over and he just wanted to have a regular life as a family man. Soon however the vacation was over as a bomb exploded near by and roped Scot and Tracy into a new anti-terrorist adventure.

This non-stop thriller involves the historical writings and residences of Thomas Jefferson, the ‘last revelation’ of Mohammed (Prophet of Islam), and American Muslim leaders and terrorists who are dedicated to do anything to keep the final revelation from coming to light.

A can’t put down book with a plausible plot that is destined to keep you reading and keep you up at nights. Way too real for mere fiction.

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