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by Dr. D ~

By Eric Flint (Riverdale, NY: Baen Publishing, 2000, 597 pages)


1632 actually begins in the year 2000 with a wedding in a small town mining in West Virginia—Grantville. Through an inexplicable event referred to later as the ‘ring of fire’, Grantville and the entire valley was transported to the middle of Germany and the year is 1632.

Soon the modern Americans find themselves in the middle of the 30 years war whether they want to be or not. Mike Stearn is the leader of the United Mine Workers local and assumes control of the town after a town meeting vote. His mine workers form the nucleus of a new army to protect Grantville from the marauding armies that seem to be plaguing the country side at the time.

Soon folks from the neighboring areas are looking to Grantville for protection. Those mountain boys and mining workers have far superior weapons on the racks in their pickup trucks than those carried by the regular armies of that time.

The 17th century is a time of war, chaos, religious conflict, and disease. It is interesting to see how 21st century folks adapt to their new reality and become a powerful new force in the midst of Europe. Oh yes, there are a few love stories along the way to keep it interesting. A fascinating story and book indeed. Also note: there is a whole series that follows and continues to expand.

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