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-"Star Wars: Millennium Falcon"

by Dr. D ~

Cover of "Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)"

By James Luceno (New York: Ballantine Books, 2008, 317 pages)

The story follows the Millennium Falcon from the moment it was born (manufactured) at Corellian Engineering Corp. Assembly Facility 7. Then traces the history and different owners of the Falcon up to when Han Solo ‘won’ it from Lando.

Years later, Han and Leia go on a fun safari along with their adopted daughter (really their granddaughter) Allana in a hunt for the history, past owners, and secrets of Han’s beloved old YT-1300 freighter. Meanwhile, a former Captain and a wealthy consortium are also looking for the Falcon and the secrets that she may hold to a lost Republic treasure.

The book supplies a fun story that fills you in on a number of facts about the famous ship and its past. However, the real story in the end is the developing relationship between Allana and her grandparents Leia and Han.

The book fills the gap between the ‘Legacy of the Force’ series and the new ‘Fate of the Jedi’ series which will be launched in April 2009.           *Top

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