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-"Moscow Rules"

by Dr. D ~


By Daniel Silva (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, Penguin Group,2008, 433 pages)

The latest Gabriel Allon novel, who is an art restorer by passion and cover, and an Israeli spy par excellence.

This story takes Allon to Moscow running down a lead that identifies a prominent Russian industrialist as a weapons dealer completing a potential major sale of sophisticated weapons to al-Qaeda. The Russian businessman is a former colonel in the KGB and well connected politically. Allon follows him and his family across Europe to all the current playgrounds of the new Russian oligarchy. It is very close, but guess who survives in the end?

A fast paced can’t put down story of intrigue and espionage that captures the current realignment of Russia away from freedom and democracy, and away from the West, towards empire and a new autocracy.            *Top

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