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-Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: "Invincible"

by Dr. D ~

By Troy Denning (New York: Random House, Inc.: Ballantine Books, 2008, 299 pgs.)


This is the final offering in the ‘Legacy’ series. The most that I am going to say about the outcome is that the war is finally over at the end of the book.

Jaina Solo was training with Boba Fett in order to confront and defeat her twin brother Jacen,who had become Darth Caedus, in the previous book of the series. 

In this one, the Jedi masters meet in council to decide how to deal with Darth Caedus. Luke informs them that although he could defeat his nephew, he has seen in a number of force visions of the future that the outcome would be disastrous. Jaina boldly presents herself as the one who should confront Jacen and is surprisingly supported by Luke,the Jedi Council, and even by her parents Leia and Han Solo.

In the first confrontation with her brother Darth Caedus, Jaina barely escapes with her life and is severely injured. However, she did cut off Jacen’s arm during the battle.  Darth Caedus thought that he was fighting Luke and didn’t know that it was really his sister Jaina. Luke had projected a force vision on him and had backed up Jaina by projecting extra power upon her in the force.

In a attempt to get intel. from Capt. Shevu, Ben is captured and Shevu is killed by Tahiri Veila, now a sith apprentice to Caedus. Ben eventually escapes and attempts to turn Tahiri back to the force.

The final battle ends up being nearly anti-climatic. Remember, Darth Caedus had become far more powerful than his grandfather Vader. In these final moments, Jaina has indeed become the “Sword of the Jedi” as predicted by Master Luke. The battle is high pitched and furious. All of the characters that we have come to know over the years are there participating and some do not survive.

At the end, the Galaxy is united once more.             *Top

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