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-Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: "Revelation"

by Dr. D ~

By Karen Traviss (New York: Random House, Inc.: Ballantine Books, 2008, 436 pgs.)


Jaina Solo is determined to bring in or eliminate her brother Jacen who had become Darth Caedus. She goes to Mandalore to receive training from Boba Fett. She reasons that he will need to learn another method of fighting if she is going to have a chance against Jacen. Her experiences on Mandalore among Fett’s family and friends is quite interesting and it fills us in on Mandalorian culture, ethics, and battle strategy.

Ben contacts Capt. Shevu and receives info. and tips which lead to the proof that he is looking for–that Jacen was the one who really killed his mother Mara Jade.

Luke is still in a funk and finally begins to make some decisive moves. The news about Jacen and Mara brings Luke all the way back as he steps fully into his role as Jedi leader.

Every attempt to capture Jacen ultimately fails. Luke has Jacen in his sights but doesn’t finish him off.  In the end, Jacen asserts his power even over the Mofts -the leaders of the Imperial Remnant, and he comes out of the closet as Darth Caedus, a true heir of his grandfather Darth Vader.             *Top

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