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-"Protect and Defend"

by Dr. D ~

By Vince Flynn (New York: Atria Books-Simon & Schuster, 2007, 403 pages)

image The latest in the Mitch Rapp saga. For fans of this series you will not want to miss out on this one. For those who are new, the novel could also serve rather well as a stand alone story. It is almost like the background  story was taken off of the latest news wire offering. A maniac President of Iran is threatening the world and busy developing a nuclear capability to back up his fanatical diatribes.

An under deep-cover Israeli Mossad agent shows how vulnerable a nuclear operation could be to ‘boots on the ground’. He destroys the Iranian nuclear research plant. This sets in motion a number of ‘get even’ plots hatched by the Iranian President who is intent on ‘proving’ that the USA was involved in the plant destruction. In the process, he goes way beyond the short leash that the Ayatollahs (the real rulers of Iran) have him on.

Along the way, the Iranian leader combines forces with a Hezbollah master terrorist and has CIA Director, Irene Kennedy kidnapped out from under her security detail. This incident puts the USA and Iran on the brink of war, which the Iranian leader seems to actually want.  However, Mitch Rapp is on the scene and doesn’t rest until until the incident is appropriately resolved. Another worthy ‘can’t put it down until it’s done’ non-stop action adventure/ thriller by Vince Flynn.            *Top

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