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-Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: "Fury"

by Dr. D ~

By Aaron Allston (New York: Random House, Inc.:Ballantine Books, 2007, 368 pgs.)


"Fury" is the 7th book in the "Legacy" series. The book begins with the Jedi helping the Wookies control the fires set by Jacen (now Darth Caedus) on their home planet Kashyyyk.

This episode sees many of our on-going characters resolving some of their major problems that have plagued them for some time. Caedus (Jacen) is now facing the fact that he is entirely alone. He solves that by kidnapping his daughter Allana.

Han, Leia, Jaina, Zekk, and Jag finally corner Alema Rar who keeps attacking the Solos as a phantom, utilizing the Sith base that Lumiya left behind. In the process of hunting down Alema, both Jag and Jaina start healing and begin to become human again with a face toward the future.

Han and Leia finally face up to the fact that their son Jacen is probably permanently lost to the dark side and means to kill them at every opportunity.

Ben is healing from his wounds that he suffered under Jacen’s torture both physically and mentally. He finally understands why Luke did not kill Jacen when they both had the chance. In fact he is mature enough to help his father get back on tract and finally take charge of the Jedi in a more proactive way.

The Solos and Jedi are involved in attempting to rescue Allana and in a major battle to shut down the Centerpoint weapon permanently. They also use back channels and old frienships to reestablish contact with the Galactic Alliance behind Jacen’s back. All-in-all another very fine action packed episode with a number of surprises.             *Top

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