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Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: “Inferno”

by Dr. D ~

By Troy Denning (New York: Random House, Inc.:Ballantine Books, 2007, 312 pgs.)

Inferno (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Book 6)

This is the 6th book in the series and it is a fast paced adventure just like the previous ones. The book opens with Jacen Solo deep into his new role as Darth Caedus, using his new powers to take Tahiri back in time to experience the death of Anakin once more. She is hoping to get some closure, while Jacen’s goal is to turn her into a sith and use her in the future.

The next scene opens with Mara Skywalker’s funeral at the Jedi temple. Leia and Han Solo are in the temple and planning on attending, but their son Jacen has sent a 100 or so GAG storm troopers to violate the temple and arrest them. They escape of coarse, but Jacen brazenly attends the funeral and tries to upstage Luke as a Jedi rather than in his role of Co-Leader of the Galactic Alliance.

Next, Jacen sends a whole company of GAG storm troopers to take over the Jedi Academy and hold the youngling Jedi hostage, hoping to force Luke and the Jedi masters to continue to support him and the Galactic Alliance in the war against the rebel Confederacy. Meanwhile Han and Leia go to Kashyyyk to convince the Wookie Counsel to no longer support Jacen and the Alliance. Jacen gets wind of it and takes a fleet to Kashyyyk and fires upon the Wookie forests starting major fires all over the planet.

Luke and the Jedi attack Jacen’s fleet hoping to stop him. This leads to a major battle between Jacen the Sith Lord and Master Luke Skywalker. The hand-to-hand battle between these two is well worth the price of the book and the time to read it.

In the end, Han and Leia persuade Tenel Ka, the Hapan Queen and mother of Jacen’s child, to support the Jedi in their opposition to Jacen. In a parallel storyline, Alema the dark Jedi, travels the whole galaxy in search of other Sith and finds a whole community. Latter she returns and helps Jacen escape the trap laid for him and his fleet.

At the end of the book, you’ll be looking forward to the next offering and the continuing story of this series.             *Top

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