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"Holy Discontent"

by Dr. D ~

By Bill Hybels (Grand Rapids, Michigan:Zondervan, 2007, 155 pgs.)

The book is written by Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. Pastor Hybels suggests that you use those things in your life which bring you the most ‘discontent’ to motivate you into taking action.

He gives several examples of people who have really made a difference and how some injustice or dissatisfaction with the status quo lead them to take action to make things better. Some started ministries, some started non-profit organizations, or went on missions.

He talks about how folks will have a ‘Popeye’ moment and then take action. The cartoon character would put up with alot until there came the proverbial straw that put him into action with his spinach. He would finally get to the point when he would say: "That’s all I can Stands!", then look out. Popeye became the most powerful man in the world.

Pastor Bill cites Moses as an example. Moses finally got to the point where he saw his people suffering and he no longer wanted to live it up in Pharaohs palace. He talks about Martin Luther King who responded to the racial oppression of his people by marching across the bridge and eating in that ‘all white’ diner, proclaiming that enough was enough. He responded to a dream that things could be different not only for his people, but for the entire country. He also writes about the story of Mother Teresa who could not bear to watch all the sick and dying in India with nowhere to go but lie in the gutter and die. Then there is the story of ‘Promiseland’ in Detroit, Michigan. A ministry to the poor, started by a mother who reacted to the dogs and fire hoses being directed toward those who were seeking a better life.

In Part II, Pastor Hybels suggests a number of ways to respond to those very things that are troubling to us and how to use those moments and situations to propel us into action. Then in the last section (Part III) of the book, Pastor Bill talks about how to keep the vision alive and how to keep on keeping on.

This is an excellent motivational book, better that that, it is inspirational and actually lets God speak personally to you about your own discontents and your own calling to actually do something to make the world a better place. *Top

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