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"MySpace Unraveled: A Parents Guide to Teen Social Networking"

by Dr. D ~

By Larry Magid and Anne Collier (Berkeley, Ca: Peachpit Press, 2007, 184 pgs.)

MySpace Unraveled: A Parent's Guide to Teen Social Networking

This is a great book for parents to gain a working understanding of MySpace and Social networking. The authors are experts in internet safety and provide a clear understanding of the potential dangers for children on the web along with useful tips for keeping the whole family secure.

MySpace and other social networking sites have become a popular destination for millions of teenagers and their friends. The authors give you an overview of MySpace.com and even show you how to set up a site step by step with suggestions for every setting and selection. In the process you learn what rules and requirements that you need to set up for your kids using MySpace in order to assure their safety.

Larry and Anne provide a ‘toolkit’ for parents to use in monitoring their teens on MySpace. They also debunk the hysteria that some of the popular news shows have generated concerning social networking sites. They look at actual cases and research to date with practical solutions for avoiding trouble.

They round it off with a chapter on customizing MySpace sites along with some advanced tricks and tips which kids like to refer to as ‘pimping’ and ‘hacking’. This really is a helpful and essential book for parents with teenagers on MySpace. It would also a great reference for teachers and youth pastors.                *Top

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