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"Heaven for Kids"

by Dr. D ~

By Randy Alcorn, with Linda Washington (Carol Stream,Ill.: Tyndale House Pub., 2007, 195 pgs.)

This is a great book to use as a reference when Kids ask questions about Heaven and the life to come. The answers are written in language that children (8-12) will be able to understand along with good stories and illustrative examples. Also, Randy gives some good suggestions for uses of the book.
Here are some of the questions: Is Heaven a real place? Will we have real bodies in Heaven? Is Heaven "up"? Where exactly is it? Will we see God? What does eternal life mean? Who will we hang out with in Heaven? Will we see our pets again? Will we play? Will there be sports? How can we know we’re going to Heaven? There are 90 questions in all.

This is the best and most complete book on this subject that I have ever seen for children. Also, it is solid Biblical based teaching that Christians will be able to rely upon.               *Top

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