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"The Blogging Church"

by Dr. D ~

"The Blogging Church: Sharing the Story of Your Church Through Blogs"

By Brian Bailey, with Terry Storch (San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons,inc., 2007, 199 pages)


An Excellent book exploring all the hows, whys, and ways that blogs might be used by churches and pastors in their administration and ministry. The strength of this book lies in the large number of excellent interviews throughout the book of pastors and others who blog for various reasons. What a gold mine of ideas and experiences.

According to the book, some pastors find that blogging is a good way to communicate their vision to their congregation. Some find it to be an excellent media for outreach. Others find that their staff and congregation feel closer to them after reading their personal blog. There is even a suggestion that temporary blogs can be set up to help in planning and promoting special events. Also, some churches use ‘private’ blogs to help in the flow of communication between the pastoral staff or those involved in special ministries like the youth or Sunday school.

The book has several excellent chapters on how to get started and how to improve the blogging experience. There is even one about what not to do and how to avoid building a really ‘bad’ (as in not good) blog. Podcasting is addressed in another chapter with some good suggestions and testimonies on how it can be used and be beneficial.

The issue of confidentiality and developing a church blogging policy is also addressed. Those with experience also suggest that pastors and leaders include a disclaimer on their blogs ( i.e.: "The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the official views of the church or the denomination.").

The final chapter is one of the best parts of the book. It ends with personal observations from sixteen successful bloggers with all sorts of valuable suggestions. What a great way to end it. This is an important and essential book for all pastors and ministers involved in blogging or who want to be.


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