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"Wait Until Then"

by Dr. D ~

By Randy Alcorn (Carol Stream, Ill.: Tyndale House Pub. Inc., 2007)
-Illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami


A great book for children ages 6-10. A good book to read at bedtime or anytime. The story of Nathan and his grandfather. Nathan loves baseball but is wheel chair bound and unable run. His grandfather played professional ball but is now suffering from cancer. Gramps talks to the boy about Jesus and instills in him the hope that one day they would both be able to play baseball together in New Jerusalem.

Gramps dies from cancer in the book but Nathan looks forward to the day when he will be with him again. Well done and touching story with the hope of the Kingdom of God naturally told and not forced.  I will definitely be reading this book to my grandchildren when they visit.

Wonderful pictures and illustrations by Doron Ben-Ami. There is a page at the back of the book for parents and grandparents with suggestions and helpful references.


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