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"The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction"

by Dr. D ~

By Hank Hanegraaff and Paul L. Maier (Wheaton,Ill.: Tyndale House Pub.,Inc., 2004, 79 pgs)


This is an excellent book for dealing with the myriad of historical problems presented in the novel by Dan Brown.  In Part One, Dr. Paul Maier points out all the major historical/religious problems and challenges made in The Da Vinci Code.  It is particularly helpful in citing the page numbers where the claim was made in the novel.

Of all the books I have looked at on this subject, this is the best summary of the issues, and the easiest to access.  In Part Two, the ‘Bible Answer man’ Hank Hanegraaff, presents a more detailed documentation of the major issues raised by the novel, and keys in on the reliability of the New Testament documents themselves.

The Da Vinci Code novel challenged Christianity in a variety of ways, and this book meets that challenge and more.


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