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"WordPress 2: Learn WordPress the Quick and Easy Way"

by Dr. D ~

by Maria Langer and Miraz Jordan, (Berkeley: Peachpit Press, 2006, 294 pgs)


A new book for WordPress users.  Wish I had this when I set up my blog in the beginning, it would of helped me save a lot of grief and would have kept me from making a lot of mistakes that I am still living with.  The book gives details on how to get started with WordPress and tips to a whole lot of shortcuts I knew nothing about.  There is also good info. on customizing themes and using plugins (a real puzzle to me).  The book gives easy to follow instructions (unlike the WordPress directories), and shows pictures of the dashboard and different WP programs to demonstrate what they are talking about.  Also shows you how to set up a static home page, add photos (a real problem for me), set up for WebCam images, add Podcasting, and other advanced tasking like directly accessing the Database.  The book is very beneficial and quite easy to use.


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