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"BLOG: Understanding The Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World"

by Dr. D ~

     By Hugh Hewitt, published by:  Nelson Books, 2005, 225 pgs.


     This book introduced me to Blogs and Blogging.  I heard people referring to ‘Blogs’, but really didn’t know what they were, except I knew that they were on the internet.  Hugh Hewitt took the mystery out of it for me, and brought the ‘cookie jar’ down where I could get into it.  I got really excited about being part of a ‘new reformation’, this blog is the result.

     The first 6 chapters (Parts I & II) are basically about the recent effects of blogging, particularly on the political scene.  It was Part III (Chapters 7-13, & Conclusion) that got me started participating–first as a reader & consumer; next, as a real participant.  This book was a good introduction for me.  It was admittedly weak on the technical side, but gave me adequate clues in Chapter 13-"Getting Started: The Technology", to find the necessary information to actually start this blog the NEXT DAY, after finishing the book.


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