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Archive for the 'Intro to Mark II' Category

JOEL: 1:13-14 A Time For Repentance

1:13-14 A Time For Repentance Vs 13 Joel is declaring to the priests that it is time for them to repent. With the coming of the locust plague, those who administer the daily grain and drink offerings in the temple are out of business. All they can do is put on Sackcloth and cry out […]

-LESSON 17: Mark 14b (27-72)

To read the verses studied below, just type in each verse or verses wanted, in the Bible Search to the left —–example: Mark 14:26—–> Mark 14 -Things You Don’t See Every Day: 14:27-28 -Prophetic declaration 14:30- Prophecy of Peter’s denial 14:42- Prophetic Word of knowledge Vs. 26-31 The Prophecy of Peter’s Denial Vs. 26 After […]