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-Archeological Discovery Supporting Israelite Exodus and Entry into Canaan

by Dr. D ~

image April 8, 2009 — Archeologists at Haifa University have announced a major find connected to the Israelite exodus from Egypt just in time for Passover.  <<Read the Rest>>

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2 Responses to -Archeological Discovery Supporting Israelite Exodus and Entry into Canaan

  1. John.

    Have you any idea how many Jews remained in Israel, (Roman Palestine), after the diaspora under the Emperor Titus? And roughly how many continued to live in Israel throughout the ages – under the Byzantines, the Ummayeds and the Turks? It is said that there were 700,000 Muslims and over 100,00 Jews in 1914 – is this true?

  2. Dr. D

    Substantially true. Though Jewish folks were kicked out of Jerusalem (renamed Aelia Capitolina) and the surrounding area after an uprising against the Romans in 135AD, Jews continued to live in what is now Israel up to the modern era. Under the Romans, the province following 135 was called Syria Palestina.

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