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JOEL: 1:15-20 ‘That Day’

by Dr. D ~

Vs.15 The writer compares ‘that day’ to the final ‘day of the Lord’ in this verse. ‘That Day’ is code for decisive events where God intervenes in history similar to the final ‘Day of the Lord’ at the end of time. Joel understands the natural attack of the Locusts to be a Divine intervention of Judgment–“destruction from the Almighty”.

Vs.16-18 Not only has all the food been destroyed but all the gain and even the pastures. The animals that could be used in sacrifices to God are suffering along with the people. Fasting and prayer are the only rituals left for the priests and the people to show their repentance before the Lord.

Vs. 19-20 Joel cries out to God in intercession for the land and also for the animals. Even the animals and the streams are naturally forced to fast and they are crying out to the Almighty. The locusts like a fire have destroyed everything. God’s judgment– ‘that day’– has touched everyone and every thing in the land. *Top

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