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JOEL: Outline

by Dr. D ~

JOEL: A Teaching Outline

I. The Day of the Lord in the Past 1
A. The Past Day of the Locust 1:1-12
B. The Past Day of the Drought 1:13-20

II. The Day of the Lord in the Future 2:1-3:21
A. The Coming Day of the Lord 2:1-27
1. Prophecy of the Coming Invasion of 2:1-11
2. Conditional Promise of the Salvation 2:12-27
of Judah
B. The Ultimate Day of the Lord 2:28-3:21
1. Last Events Before the Terrible Day 2:28-32
of the Lord
2. Events of the Terrible Day of the 3
a. Judgment on the Gentiles 3:1-17
b. Restoration of Judah 3:18-21

(from Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary) *Top

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